My Showreel 2010-2012

August 2012

A selection of shots from videos I've directed, shot and edited over the last year or so. Had lots of fun putting this together!

Rizzle Kicks - Traveller's Chant

February 2012

This was more of a laid back track from Rizzle Kicks and I really wanted to get across that aspect of someone travelling so I came up with using a camera on a bindle stick like a travelling hobo. I could cut together the footage well as the camera's point of view doesn't change and gives a true sense of wandering around. I also filmed RK with some motorised timelapse in the back of a black cab to get the feeling of travelling at speed. It's probably my favourite of all my music videos and not just because it features the back of my head!

Rizzle Kicks - Youngster

September 2012

We had lots of fun filming this. Mostly trying to get across the vibe of what it was like to dream when you were a kid and trying to keep those dreams alive when you're an adult.

Rizzle Kicks - Down With The Trumpets

May 2011

We reshot the original video for Down With The Trumpets to coincide with the official release of the single. I wanted to keep a similar vibe to the original and reference it a little, which is where the ghetto blaster TV idea came from.

Rizzle Kicks - Prophet (Better Watch It)

April 2011

I come from a photography background and have always loved long exposures so I've always wanted to make a video made entirely out of photos. I knew it could be done well as I remembered seeing Michel Gondry's 'Like a rolling stone' video some years ago. It took four shoots and some late nights but it was worth it.

Jessie J - Price Tag (Rizzle Kicks vs Rural Remix)

February 2011

This was an official remix of Jessie J's number 1, Price Tag, with Rizzle Kicks. They wanted something fun and low budget, in keeping with the spirit of the song.

Rizzle Kicks - Burning Stuff/Fly Me To The Moon - Kick Back TV #4

January 2011

Rizzle was burning a load of his old work after finishing school and he wanted me to come down and record the occasion. They did an impromptu performance of something they wrote a while ago after they'd run out of things to burn!

Rizzle Kicks - Miss Cigarette

December 2010

Our second music video together, featuring their drummer Lew and Flo the cigarette :)