30 Days of films – well 10 and counting!

At the start of September I decided I would try and make sure I had zero free time (!) by attempting to make a short film every day for a month. This wasn’t the most sensible month to try this in as I had a lot of editing and shoots in China and Barbados. I managed to get to day 10 before struggling to film and edit while in China so I’ve only done a couple since then. They’re on indefinite hiatus while I find time to go back to all the little footage I was taking each day with a little point and shoot Sony camera.


I was however very lucky on day 7 to witness the Northern Lights from my plane window on the way to China. It was a particularly strong showing, but due to the nature of the interior plane lights I was probably the only person who noticed it was happening. I’ll write a separate post about that

So these are all the current films, I hope to come back to them and finish them when I can.