2017 Showreel

This is my Director of Photography and Filmmaking showreel, all shots taken by me, some were small projects I was the director/filmmaker/DoP/editor on and some projects I was just the DoP. Lots of eclectic shots here! To mention some of my favourites, there are a few music videos I directed/shot/edited for the band Rizzle Kicks, a few exotic event shoots for British Polo Day in India, Dubai and China, a 10 day shoot through Indonesia in 2016 for Skyscanner, some interesting music videos I DP’d for the director Ben Smallwood, including ‘Pick it up’ by Paul Weller featuring the very funny Martin Freeman. Finally an advert for Samsung I DP’d (the shots with rugby player Mike Tindall) and a handful of work from personal projects in there too.

As perhaps my showreel shows, my work is relatively diverse, I’m equally at home being the DP on a controlled set, bringing the director’s vision to life,shooting on Red, Alexa or my own equipment but I’m also at home directing/shooting and editing small projects myself with a variety of cameras. I’m also experienced at making short, engaging content in less controlled environments, like my 10 trip around Bali, Flores and Java in the summer of 2016. For this I produced 4 films for Skyscanner showing the highlights of Indonesia. Another example is my December 2016 trip to Jaipur and Jodhpur for British Polo Day, capturing the country and events as they happen. For that I produced a 30 second instagram film each night, 6 in total, despite spending much of each day filming. I then produced two, 3 minute edits of each event when I returned to the UK. I’m used to making carefully controlled, beautiful films but also well versed in making short, engaging social media content, I’ve made 79 short films over the last 79 days as a final example of this! They can be seen on my instagram and facebook pages and are a nice way to keep topping up my creativity.

Do get in contact if you have any projects that need filming.