2017 shooting – updated July

A few updates from some of my more notable work this year so far, from shooting films in India that have gone viral, a Kate Nash music video and being a panelist for Sony. Oh and having a child!

  • I directed, shot, edited and graded two films for British Polo Day in India, in Jaipur and Jodhpur. The second film in Jodhpur went viral on Facebook with over a million views so far:


  • The India Archive shared the second on Facebook, saying it looked ‘amazing’, ¬†clocking up hundreds of thousands of views in a few days it’s now on over 1.1 million views, with 44 thousand likes and 3 thousand shares.



  • I edited the lovely Kate Nash’s music video Agenda (I didn’t do the glitchy graphics I should point out!):



  • After being featured by Sony in an article about my shooting of a corporate promo for a wonderful Tatoo Parlour called The Family Business (https://www.thefamilybusinesstattoo.com/), I was then asked to be a panelist on the Sony Pro Show: Working with large format sensors, a webinar coming out on the 17th of July. I’m also doing a Facebook Live talk about it with them on the 18th of July:




























  • My final update is that in May I had my first child! Leo Lockerbie is a healthy and perfect little bundle of awesomeness and I can confirm his lungs definitely work! He has of course become my main muse for filming and photography now…