I am a freelance filmmaker, director, cinematographer and editor, when I’m not taking photos! I love capturing beautifully fleeting moments as much as I love creating wonderful lighting so I’m just as happy shooting a fast paced event as I am filming on a controlled set. Please take a look at my 2017 showreel to see the kind of work I do:




Since my first music video for Rizzle Kicks in 2010 I’ve done a lot of different projects and I love that diversity. I tend to take on a more specialised role as Director or Director of Photography for larger shoots and I work in a small or one man production team on smaller projects, sometimes directing, shooting and editing myself, all with my own equipment. If anything I’m a specialist in shooting scaleable, high-end, cinematic looking films, fast, with a small footprint.

I love to find new ways of telling stories, seeing the world from different perspectives. In the last year I’ve filmed super slow motion underwater, from the air with an aerial drone, motion controlled timelapses from cliff edges and most things in between.  I can shoot at 4k at high specifications for any kind of production, up to and including feature film quality.  I have the right equipment for it not to limit almost any kind of creative idea.

vanity fair

A little History of me

I started in photography in 2008 and I continue to  spent 50% of my time photographing wonderful weddings around the world in a photojournalistic style, more recently having photos featured in Vanity Fair, E! Entertainment and People for the the wedding of the Hollywood actor Stanley Tucci and literary agent Felicity Blunt.

As well as taking relaxed, candid photos at important occasions, I embraced and became part of a new wave of digital film-making that started around 2010. My first professional film was a music video – Down With The Trumpets for an unknown band that helped get them signed to a major record label. The band, Rizzle Kicks became a chart sensation with a platinum selling first album for them and a MOBO nomination in 2011 for Best Video for that first music video I directed, shot and edited. By 2015, Down With The Trumpets alone has over 16 million views on Youtube.


Once a year I like to escape to somewhere exotic, to do the kind of landscape photography that originally inspired me. I made2013_12_cbsnews a m2013_05_petapixelini documentary about photographing the Northern Lights on my own in the Arctic Circle in 2013 which was chosen as a Vimeo Staff pick and was covered on blogs such as CBS News, Peta Pixel and Photography Weekly as well as being voted by a panel at the Internet Filmfest Berlin (Webcuts) as a nominee among 14 others for best video on the internet in 2013.

In the last few years I’ve done a lot of destination filming for events like British Polo Day in India, China and Mexico as well as music videos in Italy and France and commercial shoots for Samsung, Beulah, Ralph Lauren and The Weather Network. I shot a long, travel project for Skyscanner in Indonesia in 2016 (still not yet fully released!). I’ve shot more music videos for Paul Weller (featuring Martin Freeman) and Jimi Charles Moody as well as some work with Wildhood and Rizzle Kicks again.

In 2017 I was also asked to give a Sony Masterclass on filmmaking and Sony Professional Europe wrote an article about some of my work here: 

More recently I was also asked to give a talk to Silverback Films in Bristol (Wildlife filmmaking specialists for Netflix and others) on my tips for behind the scenes filmmaking.

Do please take a look at my latest 2017 showreel at the top of this page to get a good idea of things I’ve recently shot.